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Private PC Plan

In the same way as holiday pay, luncheon vouchers or company cars, a multimedia PC may form part of the normal salary package of any Belgian company or may be used as a fiscally attractive alternative to a bonus. Use this tax benefit as an incentive for your employees!

PC Privé Project Management

A new, attractive form of payment in kind

The legislation concerning the private PC Plans adopted by the Government is one of the most important reforms in terms of wage policy accorded to businesses and employees for many years.


This legislation allows employers to reward their employees by giving them a computer system for private use, whilst benefiting from tax credits and exoneration from social security charges.

Free choice of beneficiaries

Moreover, employers are free to choose the beneficiaries of private PC Plans, thus giving them a new means of motivating and winning the loyalty of their employees.

Benefits of a private PC Plan for employees

  • A multimedia PC for the whole family
  • Complete configuration of the PC
  • A printer
  • An internet connection and subscription to Internet
  • Software
  • The guarantee of good quality hardware
  • Appropriate professional services guaranteeing operation through the life of the computer system

And advantages for the employer

  • A means of motivating and winning the loyalty of your personnel
  • Training of personnel
  • Improvement and optimisation of the salary package
  • Reinforcement/change of the image of the company
  • Alternative to a bonus or premium
  • Tax benefits

The choice of Systemat, your trusted partner

Potentially, the decision to set up and implement a private PC Plan involves many departments: general management, human resources, in-house computing, staff representatives, etc.
Implementation of the project and its management in time must be carried out by a professional partner who assumes responsibility for all operations. In this way, companies stay concentrated on their own tasks.


The market leader, Systemat is the specialised and reliable partner which offers a global solution for an efficient private PC Plan and full profitability for the company.

Choosing Systemat means having the best of partners

Over the years, Systemat has acquired real expertise in organising private PC Plans. A detailed organisation, based on the experience, enabling us to manage such complex projects with no negative effects on the internal resources of your company. You define your aims and your resources and Systemat orchestrates the project from A to Z. For this, Systemat relies mainly on its logistic infrastructures and technical resources (helpdesk) to offer your employees the 4 star service they have a right to expect. The quality of the computer products proposed is obviously vital. Systemat maintains partnerships with all the main computer manufacturers and publishers of the market IT. For PC Private plans, Systemat has selected a list of priority partners for your entire satisfaction.

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