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FlexiPrint: are you interested in a solution of the "overall cost" per page type?

Managed Printing Services: Flexiprint

What printing should be...

  • A source of added value for your company
  • An intuitive process for your employees
  • Not a source of concern for your IT department
  • A model of «green» technology

But in reality, printing is...

  • Unpredictable in terms of costs: maintaining a printer fleet can hold a lot of costly surprises. A technical disturbance that needs fixing, the sudden need to buy new hardware … occurrences like these can turn a carefully planned budget upside down.
  • A cause of staff frustration: paper jams, supply shortages, badly printed documents, etc. can drive users into desperation and will lead to a loss of productivity.
  • A burden on your IT department: highly qualified IT personnel certainly can be put to better use than replacing cartridges or solving printer failures!
  • A source of CO2 emissions and toxic waste: more and more companies are becoming conscious of their environmental footprint. Because of high energy use (CO2 emissions) and the production of waste (such as used cartridges), the ecological balance of printing is usually far from satisfactory.

FlexiPrint is the solution

  • FlexiPrint® eliminates printing-related overhead costs. Systemat takes care of all technical interventions and supplies of consumables. Clients pay a fixed price per page, so the only administrative process they need to fulfil is one (!) monthly invoice for their entire printer fleet.
  • FlexiPrint® consolidates printing environments (fewer brands and models, more users per device, more transparent workflow, etc.) which leads to a more efficient use of resources.
  • FlexiPrint® decreases the production of toxic waste and CO2 emissions, by making the printing process more efficient and by guaranteeing full recycling of all waste material.

FlexiPrint benefits

  • Worry-free printing: Fewer breakdowns for better productivity
  • No more wasted time and fewer resources assigned to routine tasks
  • More time and resources available for innovation and for activities that provide real added value!
  • A predictable decrease in costs: FlexiPrint® lightens your administrative workload and brings costs down to zero! Consumables are ordered and delivered automatically. Just one monthly invoice to pay.
  • Printing truly becomes «green»: print less, consolidate your printer fleet, reduce energy consumption, recycle… all thanks to FlexiPrint®!

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