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IT-Support & Managed Services

Thanks to our modular Managed Services solution, we propose choosing the type of services which meet your requirements and defining the level of services you expect for each type of service.

IT-Support & Managed Services

Support & Assistance

Systemat provides its customers with a professional assistance team made up of a telephone answering service (helpdesk & dispatching centre), an internal remote monitoring department & support and an on site intervention team. All these support activities are managed by the Service Desk OmniTracker system.   

Hardware Maintenance

You want cover in the event of the unavailability of your IT infrastructure. We propose several contracts that will enable you to avoid the risks of computer failures and which are ideal complements to the manufacturers' warranties!

System Monitoring & Management

Systemat equips your infrastructure with advanced, secure tools which monitor its operation remotely, on a daily basis. This is a very useful service in addition to your internal resources. 

At first, it involves handling incidents as soon as they occur in order to anticipate failures; it is therefore similar to active monitoring with the aim of being proactive. 

Secondly, the fact of measuring a series of parameters on a regular basis enables us to analyse changes to them. We can therefore anticipate changes to your needs and take preventive action on your infrastructure.

Global-IT: the "all risks "insurance for computers

Global-IT is a modular facilities management contract. In practice, you choose the level of services which corresponds to your needs and you pay a monthly lump sum amount based on your needs and the number of users in your company. The Global-IT services include:

  • General, fast helpdesk support for all users
  • Permanent remote supervision of the computer infrastructure
  • Protection and management of work stations
  • Corrective maintenance in the event of emergencies with a guaranteed intervention time
  • Scheduled services of a dedicated computer specialist
  • Regular validation of the services provided and technology watch
initial evaluation > helpdesk > monitoring > security > onsite assistance > corrective maintenance > regular meeting

Lifecycle Management

In order to optimise requests from our customers, from the delivery of new hardware to the management of used hardware, through the configuration of tailor-made hardware, installation and maintenance of systems, Systemat has acquired advanced infrastructures and highly skilled personnel for the overall life cycle management of your computer equipment.

SLA & Quality Management

The Systemat's Managed Services are based on performance indicators (KPI) which are analysed and checked on a regular basis, according to the principles of ITIL and IT Service Management ISO 20000.

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