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SeeCure: your IT immune system vulnerabilities at a glance.

Hacking: a serious threat to your business!

  • Did you know that 70% of websites are currently vulnerable making them the first target for malicious people ?
  • Are your internal and external network assets fully secured mitigating risks of being hacked ?


Every day, we hear about hackers stealing critical business information and customer data. This happens because organisations simply don’t have a clear overview of their IT vulnerabilities and, therefore, cannot take action to shield their business from risks of attacks. Today, hacking should be considered as a serious threat to any type and any size of organisation that relies on IT to do business smoothly.


The vulnerability attention needs to be drawn on your web application and your network assets. If you leave these unsecured, this is an open invitation to your entire database of sensitive information leading to serious financial impacts and putting at stake your service reputation. A good and simple security policy starts by becoming aware of your organisation’s exposure, weaknesses and threats and then taking action on the identified critical or less critical areas to protect your business from hackers accessing your sensitive information.


How can you gain this awareness ?

Gain awareness and protect with SeeCure

Systemat presents SeeCure, a personalized, accurate and cost-effective vulnerability assessment service making you aware of all the weaknesses of your current IT immune system and helping you protect your business against hacker attacks.

  • A thorough assessment of your web application and/or network assets to identify weak areas that may put your systems and your critical data at risk.
  • All our assessments are carried out by a team of independent and experienced security experts highly specialized in vulnerability testing.
  • Carried out with leading industry tools and manual quantitative and qualitative interventions in close collaboration with your IT team.
  • A range of accurate reports outlining detailed technical results and summary recommendations.
  • Access to support and technical consulting directly with our security experts.
  • The opportunity to fix the identified vulnerabilities according to your wishes and risk management strategy.

SeeCure, your road to a safe and sound IT environment !

Please check out our SeeCure solutions brochure.

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