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Security of the infrastructure

The consequences of a prolonged stoppage in work due to a lack of security or, even more serious, the loss of professional data may, in certain cases, prove to be fatal. Avoid such problems by calling in a professional.

Antivirus & anti-spyware software

Security lies at the heart of the concerns of small and medium size businesses. Optional to the Global-IT contract, Systemat proposes controlling the essential aspect of anti-virus software.

The solution proposed by Systemat is deployed on all work stations and servers. As Global-IT is a service contract, it is no longer necessary to purchase or deploy such software, nor deals with matter of licenses and renewal. These tasks, which are carried out as part of our services, are now handled by SYSTEMAT services in complete transparency. Updates on all work stations are managed centrally.

Instead of purchasing anti-virus & anti-spyware software, we therefore propose using it in return for a monthly lease charge ensuring the following:

  • User rights (licenses)
  • Installation and technical support from Systemat
  • Updating the software throughout the term of the contract

The backup managements

Once the problem of anti-virus is solved, we still have to deal with the other major concern of small and medium size businesses in the field of computer security: backup. The principle is simple: having a back-up copy in a secure place to retrieve one's data in the event of an accident (human error, theft, fire, disk crash, etc).

Whilst backup every day will still be carried out by you, Systemat can help you to set up a simple, logical and efficient backup management system.

Step one: carrying out a test to validate the existing backup solution. Very few small and medium size businesses overcome this first obstacle successfully! A backup system may work very well from a technical point of view, but nothing guarantees that the content corresponds to what has to be backed-up nor that the data backed-up can be recovered without damage, etc.

Step two: recommending the backup solution to be implemented (backup on tape, disk-to-disk copies, snapshooting, replication, etc.) and defining with you the responsibilities to be assumed internally.

Eliminating backups on tape? Yes it is possible!

"With the introduction of the Cloud Services card available from SYSTEMAT, we developed a package for the outsourcing of back-ups of production servers. Two possibilities are available, via a simple Internet connection or an added value link, such as Belgacom Explore", explains Pierre Engels, Cloud Sales Specialist with Systemat Global Solutions.

Active-active recovery

A virtual server installed in the Systemat Cloud Computing system is synchronised continuously with your production server (installed with you) thanks to the software DoubleTake Availability. In the event of serious problems on the production server, users may switch to the recovery server with Systemat.

Active-passive recovery

A virtual server installed in the SYSTEMAT Cloud Computing system receives images of back-ups generated automatically and continuously on all servers installed on your premises thanks to the software DoubleTake Backup. In the event of an accident on the production site (on your premises), the last image is available on the depository server for reinstallation on a maintenance server on your premises or in the SYSTEMAT Cloud Computing system.

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