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Management and protection of e-mails

The Systemat's Secured Messaging solution provides protection for incoming e-mail traffic and outgoing e-mails, optional. This service consists in setting up a series of preventive security policies.

Filtering of incoming e-mail

"Secured Messaging" is the Systemat's e-mail filtering solution. This service concerns unsolicited messages (spamming), containing viruses or the content of which is not authorised within your organisation. 

All incoming e-mails are first routed to Systemat. The messages must first pass through the Systemat firewall, which blocks the first part of any attack. All e-mails are then scanned by our anti-virus, anti spam and content filtering solutions. The messages authorised are now redirected to your mail server.

Outsourcing problems of security

In this way, you retain all the functions of your mail server, whilst outsourcing any problems of security. Once again, this solution is brought to you in the form of a service, which avoids you having to invest and maintain solutions within your infrastructure.

"Secured Messaging" operates on the basis of quarantine of the 5 following types:

  • Spam: all mail considered to be intrusive;
  • Executables: all mail containing an executable file, setup files and others;
  • Multimedia: all mail containing a multimedia file (.avi, .mpeg, .pps, etc.);
  • Over size: all mail the size of which exceeds the predefined limit (eg.: 15Mb);
  • Unknown: all mail for an unknown or non listed address.

The main advantage of this service is that the filtering rules are updated regularly on the basis of the latest external definitions, which is essential for ensuring the efficiency of this type of service.

A system flexible and reversible

No solution can be 100% reliable, there will always remain:

  • Go-errors: malicious messages or spam which are not detected or blocked;
  • Stop-errors: messages which should have arrived but which are blocked.

For this reason, the administrator (with you or with us) is always able to recover messages which have been blocked. He can resend them even if they were initially blocked by the system.

More info

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