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Remote supervision

Better safe than sorry! If you have resources available internally for the daily support of users, you may wish to entrust Systemat with the remote supervision of the essential functions of your infrastructure (servers, applications, backup, telecommunications).

Professional monitoring tools

Systemat equips your infrastructure with advanced, secure tools which monitor its operation remotely, on a daily basis. This is a very useful service in addition to your internal resources. These tools are used to monitor the following:

  • "Hardware" monitoring" is used to collect all alerts generated by your servers. These alerts may come from any component, such as disks, cards, power supplies or memories.
  • "Operating system" monitoring handles parameters specific to Windows.
  • "Software" monitoring": most applications generate their own alerts, whether they are Mail, Backup or data base applications.

Management of incidents and preventive action

The aim of this service is two-fold.

First, it handles incidents as soon as they occur in order to anticipate failures. This is therefore similar to active monitoring with the aim of being proactive.

Secondly, the fact of measuring a series of parameters on a regular basis enables us to analyse changes to them. We can therefore anticipate changes to your needs and take preventive action on your infrastructure.

Nothing is left to chance. The essential functions of your infrastructure are monitored and you can rest in peace.

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