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Disaster recovery plan

Today, a high level of availability of your information system is essential. Moreover, you intend having solutions for recovery after an incident. In short, you are looking for a global continuity and recovery solution.

The strengths of BCRS with Systemat

The continuity of operation of the company is heavily dependent on the continuity of operation of its ICT infrastructure. Thanks to its BCRS (Business Continuity & Recovery Services), Systemat can give you the assurance of availability you expect.

  • Predicting the unpredictable
  • Ensuring the continuity of your business
  • Approved procedures
  • Hardware and premises available
  • Technical expertise
  • Modularity of contracts

The provision of hardware, software and organisational solutions

Systemat may propose office space, servers, micro-computers and network equipment (up to 300 work stations within a maximum of 4 hours).

Reproducing your working environment

By integrating your organisational model, Systemat's BCRS servers and work stations reproduce the standardised image of your company, with the latest data back-up and your staff retrieve their normal way of working as if nothing had happened.

Skilled personnel at your disposal

Systemat's BCRS team has a permanent staff of some fifteen of highly qualified employees, for both Belgium and Luxembourg. This permanent staff may, at any time, be reinforced by technical specialists but also engineers and consultants.

Modular contracts for small and medium size businesses

Since the concept of high level availability varies from one company to another and may cover very different requirements, Systemat is highly flexible in terms of services, which range from making hardware available to complete restoration of the entire ICT infrastructure, in the event of disaster.

More info

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