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Systemat offers its customers a range of high added value services in addition to the supply of products. Logistic services, integration and quality control serivces, deployment services and maintenance & repair services in the laboratory.

The overall life cycle management of your IT equipment

In order to optimise requests from our customers, from the delivery of new hardware to the management of used hardware, through the configuration of tailor-made hardware, installation and maintenance of systems, SYSTEMAT has advanced infrastructures and highly skilled personnel for the overall life cycle management of your computer equipment. Our logistics centre, based in Jumet, has become a reference in the Benelux:

  • 5.5 hectares of land
  • 2 400 square metres of laboratories
  • 5 100 square metres of office space
  • 7 000 square metres of storage space
  • Storage capacity for 4 000 palettes
  • Total configuration capacity of 1 500 pc/day

Logistic services

The SYSTEMAT's range of logistic services includes:

  • The reception of new and used hardware
  • Storage and inventory management
  • Preparation of customers' orders
  • Delivery services
  • The reconditioning, recycling or destruction of equipment & packaging

Integration, configuration & quality control services

The SYSTEMAT integration and configuration centre (TIC), based in Jumet (Charleroi), is a reference in the field and one of the most advanced in Europe. The sophisticated processes and advanced technologies available to the staff of the TIC guarantee the performance, efficiency and quality of the services provided.

The Main purpose of the TIC is to prepare "ready to use" computers to be error free on start-up and configured according to your needs. The procedures provide for a succession of checks in accordance with the ISO quality standards in force with SYSTEMAT.

Every machine passing through the configuration centre is unpacked and tested. Depending on the procedures adopted, the machine is configured, either by the installation of a "master or by any other method defined together the customer. 

In collaboration with those customer departments concerned, one or more images of the configuration of the hardware to be installed may be created according to different user profiles, which guarantees both the stability of configuration but also considerable savings of time.

The aim is to prepare the hardware very thoroughly and complete the configuration to eliminate any risks during installation. The new facilities now enable us to configure hardware in accordance with the standards defined by the customer and to parameterise each machine individually. For example, the IP address. This individual parameterisation is, of course, combined with appropriate labelling to identify the hardware on delivery and during installation on the customer's premises.

Accordingly, the configuration centre provides the possibility of marking to identify the hardware. The customer's own special labels or markings may be applied directly in the configuration centre during preparation of the hardware. This may be done by conventional labelling or laser marking.

Deployment services

For the provision of services, SYSTEMAT makes all necessary provisions to ensure that skilled staff are assigned to the mission. 

SYSTEMAT guarantees that its employees comply with the safety rules in force.
The resources are assessed and defined according to the nature of the services ordered by the customer, indicative and actual volumes, the sites concerned, the times and constraints involved.

The deployment services include:

  • Delivery to the site by the installation engineer
  • Unpacking the hardware
  • Installation and interconnection of the hardware
  • Special configuration for the user
  • Integration in the field
  • Transfer of data (1 folder)
  • Operating test
  • Handing over to the user
  • Validation for reception by the user
  • Recovery of the hardware replaced and packaging

Maintenance & repair services in the laboratory

You cannot do without your computer system. That is why we provide for the maintenance of your systems, the replacement of defective parts and the supply of temporary replacement hardware. In the event of problems with hardware or software we can be called in very quickly.

If necessary, we repair defective hardware in our laboratories, which are equipped with the lastest technology and have very strict quality control.

We particularly stress the quality of our services. All our interventions are recorded in a powerful management and reporting system, giving you access to the record of services provided on your premises.

By putting your trust in us, you ensure the following:

  • Efficient dispatching (just one person plans the interventions)
  • Quick and reliable intervention on your premises or in our laboratories
  • The use of highly skilled employees
  • Complete, clear reporting
  • Access to a large stock of spare parts and replacement hardware

More info

Would you like more information? Please call us on +32 2 352 83 11 or send a request to We will arrange a meeting with a specialist on your premises or ours.