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One or two servers, several work stations… If your business is not computing, should you be managing your information system yourself? With Global-IT, opt for peace of mind and security. 


Global-IT: the "all risks "insurance for computers

Global-IT is a modular facilities management contract. In practice, you choose the level of services which corresponds to your needs and you pay a monthly lump sum amount based on your needs and the number of users in your company. The Global-IT services include:

  • General, fast helpdesk support for all users
  • Permanent remote supervision of the computer infrastructure
  • Protection and management of work stations
  • Corrective maintenance in the event of emergencies with a guaranteed intervention time
  • Scheduled services of a dedicated computer specialist
  • Regular validation of the services provided and technology watch
initial evaluation > helpdesk > monitoring > security > onsite assistance > corrective maintenance > regular meeting

Make your life simpler

Global-IT is a contract for the provision of services which is intended to guarantee the regular, proactive management of your computer infrastructure. On the basis of a preliminary audit, it encourages professional control over everyday operations concerning the management of your computer equipment, for the benefit of all users and, therefore, your organisation. You can now really concentrate on your own activities.

Proactive, efficient, close and flexible

With Global-IT, you no longer have to face the risks and complexity of management on your own. You control the quality of services, the state and development of your infrastructure. This flexible, tried and tested solution helps you to concentrate on your business and the growth of your company, by combining continuity with peace of mind and security.

EDUCAM and Systemat, a professional love affair!

Testimonial Educam

"Concentrate on your core business" is a slogan too often bandied about but not by EDUCAM. They concentrate on theirs and contract their computing out to SYSTEMAT. 
A matter of reason, after all.

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