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Priority assistance service

The computer assistance solution CreditPack gives you priority access to Systemat's intervention teams, in the event of technical problems. Thanks to CreditPack, you have direct access to Systemat's technicians at any time, just by calling the dispatching centre.

Your guarantee of computer support starting from € 2500

In the event of computer problems which paralyse your company, it is essential to be able to rely on intervention quickly, which is exactly what we propose with CreditPack, which guarantees you priority access to SYSTEMAT's intervention teams, in return for a limited investment (starting from € 2 500).

Simple as a credit card

CreditPack works like a credit account. Every time you use your contract, your account is debited by the amount for the services provided. All you have to do: just remember to credit your account regularly!

Systemat works with to solve your problems

CreditPack is particularly suitable for companies looking to "outsource" all or part of the maintenance of their computer equipment to their partner and have the benefit of professional assistance, a wide range of skills and priority status, for critical problems. CreditPack works like a credit account. It requires the existence of a personal account in your name and which you credit according to your needs. Minimum amount to have the benefit of this service: € 2 500. The contract term is one year. You account is debited automatically according to precise rate basis, taking the nature of the service in particular into account. CreditPack is the ideal solution for one-off help or a request for emergency assistance.

A solution with many advantages

  • a professional assistance team at your service
  • priority intervention times
  • a wide range of skills
  • preferential hourly rates
  • transparent accounting of services via secure access to our Web site
  • simplified administration

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