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Small Business IT Services

As a small business it’s important to have access to the most recent technology, but following every software and hardware upgrade yourself is a waste of time and budget. By outsourcing your IT you can have the benefits of a team of IT experts for a much lower cost.

We provide tailor-made services for every SMB by leaving you the choice of “à la carte” IT services ranging from maintenance contracts and helpdesk to fully outsourcing your IT and IT security needs.

Cloud hosting

One example of the small business IT services Systemat provides is cloud computing. As a small business your IT needs don’t require you to purchase and maintain your own servers. By using cloud services you have the amount of power you need whenever you need it, without having to worry about hardware restrictions or maintenance. In addition, backups are provided under optimal conditions.

Outsourcing IT security

Apart from proper backup management a small business also has to consider antivirus and antispyware software. Instead of purchasing packages that are often hard to update on restricted work computers, you can opt to lease Systemat software. This way updates and support are guaranteed.

Our expertise in IT security also improves the quality of our other services as your data in the cloud will have the best protection from external attacks available on the market.

The IT services your small business truly needs

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