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Rating of SaaS services

Following a preliminary qualification interview, Systemat draws up a budget estimate, lists all services proposed in SaaS mode and gives the details of recurrent infrastructure and license costs.

Method of calculating of SaaS charges

The rating of the services of the SaaS type from Systemat is made up of on-off fixed costs and recurrent costs:

  • On-off fixed costs: setting up the customer's environment + maintenance contract of the Global-IT type (optional)
  • Recurrent costs: Systemat services virtual infrastructure services + Microsoft SPLA (Services Provider Licensing Agreement).

What will you be paying?

  • Hosting of Cloud Services (annual charge)
  • An SPLA (annual charge)
  • Installation and migration services (fixed start-up charge)
  • A Global-IT maintenance contract (optional annual charge)

We no longer have to promote SaaS, etc.

"We no longer have to promote the SaaS, companies come to us spontaneously with relatively detailed projects. We are no longer consulted in terms of feasibility but of availability, continuity and monitoring. We are consulted for our experience and organisation. This is a clear sign of the maturity of the market", explains Pierre Engels, Cloud Sales Specialist with Systemat Global Solutions.

More info

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