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Green IT

The ICT server and storage infrastructures consume a great deal of energy and, very often it is quite simply lost, which is everything but ecological!

Virtualisation reduces energy consumption drastically

To reduce the wasting of energy due to the IT infrastructure, the best solution is to deal with the main point of consumption: the server. Virtualisation technologies are used to make significant reductions in both the energy requirements of the server (power) and the cooling system, which is also a heavy consumer!
Less consumption of electricity, less cooling, fewer cables, lower management costs, less space - virtualisation is an economically viable solution for the IT infrastructure, ideal for small and medium size, eco-responsible businesses.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

And in terms of virtualisation, why limit ourselves to servers and the storage infrastructure? Doesn't the Client PC also deserve all our attention? Today, VMware, Citrix and Microsoft are proposing every more mature solutions for VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure). And Thin Client technology - a Thin Client consumes up to 10 times less electricity- now has a second lease of life.

Reduce your energy bill by using the Systemat's shared data center

  • Save energy
  • Protect the environment
  • Save space
  • Save time
  • Save money

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