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Forget all your worries on the management of your IT infrastructure and concentrate on the power of your system, where and when you need it. Systemat teams develop ‘tailor-made’ solutions based on major components supplied by Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and Cisco.

  • How can you be sure of always having unrestricted, efficient computing?
  • How can you follow technological developments without being submerged?
  • How can you stay up to date with technology without putting your budget in danger?


Managed Cloud Services: a computing model which frees you from the limits of IT

Cloud Computing : database, app server, code, mobile, pc, Televisions - PDA - Electronic Games

Would you like to find a computing model that allows you to concentrate on your business?

SYSTEMAT offers two service contracts for small and medium size businesses:

The first contract concerns the hosting of all the applications required for your business. Just install a browser and provide an Internet connection. Nothing else! The infrastructure is installed in our data center and managed by SYSTEMAT specialists, according to methods which guarantee a high level of reliability for small and medium size business.

The second contract (Global-IT) concerns the administration and maintenance of the server systems, equipment of customers and assistance for users. With SYSTEMAT, you have the benefit of a dedicated, multidisciplinary team and a contact person who manages your IT infrastructure from A to Z, on the basis of a preliminary audit. 

Technical advantages of Managed Cloud Services

  • Advanced technology available to all
  • Outsourcing of all maintenance and back-ups
  • Enhanced security and guaranteed continuity of service
  • Guaranteed accessibility for fixed and mobile users
  • Applications available via any Internet connection
  • Freedom and simplicity of terminals (PC, Thin Client, PDA, GSM, etc.)
  • A sound, reliable, redundant and secure infrastructure
  • Tailor-made server hosting and applications
  • "A la carte" hardware and software resources
  • A multidisciplinary technical team made up of specialists
  • Custom solution based on standard modules
  • Ready to use services, available quickly (tests & demos)
  • Great flexibility in examining each request
  • Single contact for local computing and services outsourced

The financial advantages of Cloud Services and added value of Systemat

  • Tailor-made contracts which combine insourcing, outsourcing & Managed Cloud Services
  • Costs which may be built-into Global-IT or Systemat finances
  • Ready to use solutions which are quick to deploy at low cost
  • Costs arising out of the services used and which change with requirements
  • No investment costs, only the cost of upkeep
  • Reduced expenditure in terms of infrastructure and maintenance
  • Investments replaced by a charge broken down into professional costs
  • Optimisation of internal human and computer resources which contract out
  • Low level tasks to concentrate on high level (business) tasks.
  • The possibility of finance for hardware used and services provided

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