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Your needs in 4 questions

Like many bosses of small and medium size businesses, you have very little time to devote to computing. You just "want it to work" and avoid "unpleasant surprises". Just answer the 4 questions and …. follow the guide!   

Your needs in 4 questions

Give us your opinion on the 4 statements below and, on the basis of your responses, we will be able to make a proposal.


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  • 1
    Information technologies evolve so quickly that it is difficult or even impossible for a small and medium size business to make the right choices.
  • 2
    A computer infrastructure with insufficient security may have dramatic consequences for a small and medium size business. In the event of a major incident, the loss of data may endanger the viability of the company.
  • 3
    The bosses of small and medium size businesses find it difficult to assess the real cost (total cost of ownership) of computing. They are often slow in investing due to lack of information.
  • 4
    For a small and medium size business, the ideal solution would be to have a competent, part-time IT Manager. But that is utopian, since such people do not exist on the job market!

Health check-up

Like many small and medium size businesses, you need a clear vision to be able to take the right decisions. Systemat proposes an initial health check-up of your existing computer infrastructure.


Global-IT has everything to convince you. Global-IT is a contract for the provision of services intended to ensure regular, proactive management of the infrastructure of your computer systems, thus enabling you to concentrate on your own activities.


You are generally satisfied with your in-house computer department. Congratulations! In this case, we would suggest our CreditPack priority assistance contract for critical failures.

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