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Have we convinced you of the advantages of our solution for the outsourcing of IT services for small and medium size businesses? We should meet as soon as possible to determine the level of services you expect and review the terms of the contract in detail. 

Purpose of the Global-IT contract

The Global-IT contract is a modular facilities management contract which gives the Customer the possibility of subscribing to all or part of the services for the professional management of its computer infrastructure. It is intended to ensure regular, proactive management of the infrastructure of computer equipment and support for the Customer, in the event of malfunction of his computer systems.

SYSTEMAT has developed packages which may be subscribed to optionally by the Customer:

  • ASSIST-Line (hot line, dispatching centre of calls and a quick, global service desk for all users);
  • Monitoring (remote supervision of the computer infrastructure);
  • Management of work stations (protection, security, availability);
  • Preventive assistance (regular, scheduled services of a dedicated computer specialist);
  • Corrective maintenance (in the event of emergencies with guaranteed intervention times);
  • Assessment (regular validation of the services provided).


To enable Systemat to provide the services under the terms of the standard Global-IT contract, the Customer must satisfy the following prerequisites:

  • To have undergone an audit of the "Health check-up" type provided by Systemat;
  • To have ensured or accepted conformity with the obligatory recommendations of the Health check-up.

Change management

Several factors associated with the computer environment and the Customer's requirements may have a considerable influence on the services provided under the terms of the contract. Here is a non-exhaustive list of those concerning the proposal:

  • addition or elimination of a hardware or software component from the existing computer architecture;
  • modification of the computer environment;
  • addition or elimination of users;
  • addition or elimination of an optional service;
  • extending the contract beyond the initial term;
  • extending the scope of services;
  • change of company address;
  • etc.

Systemat reserves the right to modify the amount of the charge according to any changes made after the contract is signed.

Back-up and recovery of data

The Customer is responsible for making back-up copies of his operating systems, applications and data on a regular basis and, in all cases, before any technical intervention. It is up to the Customer to carry out regular tests to recover data from his systems to ensure that, in the event of the loss of data, he can retrieve any files lost. Systemat may assist the Customer in carrying out these tests to recover data as part of the hours provided for regular assistance on site or remotely, if this operation has to be performed outside these times.

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