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Service Level Agreement

The Global-IT contract is a modular facilities management contract, which gives the Customer the possibility of subscribing to all or part of the services for the professional management of his computer infrastructure.

Description of services

In return for the Customer meeting all his obligations, Systemat undertakes to provide all the services described below.

Service desk (ASSIST-Line)

ASSIST-Line handles all calls from users for all matters concerning their computer environment. It therefore provides the Service Desk within your organisation.

This outsourced, monitored approach maintains the productivity of all and avoids dissatisfaction due to the impossibility of using the information system available.

For each call, the operator who takes the call determines its level of complexity and, if necessary, transfers it to another specialist with the level of resolution required. In order to reduce the average resolution time of incoming calls, ASSIST-Line uses of the remote control solutions on user workstations. All calls are recorded in a centralised information management system (requests from users and action in progress); it is always accessible to the Customer.


Under the terms of the Global-IT contract, Systemat equips the Customer's infrastructure with secure monitoring tools which are used to monitor its operation remotely. These tools are used for the following activities:

  • Supervision of computer equipment, whatever the tools: hardware, operating systems or applications with alerts sent where preventive or corrective action has to be taken;
  • Management of alerts generated by the monitoring tools.


Supervision of the Customer's infrastructure is automatic and continuous (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). All alerts generated by the monitoring system are acted upon at the next working hour following detection of the problem.

All alerts are recorded in a centralised information management system (requests from users and action in progress). It is always accessible to the Customer.

Management and protection of work stations

Systemat equips the Customer's infrastructure with a set of software and/or hardware solutions for optimal management of work stations, in terms of security and availability. The solutions proposed under the terms of the Global-IT contract and deployed for all equipment ensure the following:

  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware protection;
  • Anti-Spam protection;
  • The availability of work stations.


The Customer has the benefit of these solutions in return for a monthly lease charge (included in the amount of the charge for Global-IT), giving him the right to the technical support of Systemat and the use of software updates, throughout the term of the contract.

Preventive assistance

SYSTEMAT makes a "Dedicated System Engineer" available to the Customer to manage his computer infrastructure. This "Dedicated System Engineer" visits the Customer at a predetermined frequency, to perform the following priority tasks:

  • Ensuring the operation of the IT infrastructure in place when the contract is signed or defined in the special conditions as forming part of the contract;
  • Installing hardware as a replacement or a one-off addition to the existing infrastructure and ensuring its operation thereafter;
  • Carrying out the preventive maintenance tasks required for the operation of the hardware;
  • Identifying the nature of any failures/problems encountered;
  • Answering the questions of users to improve their knowledge of their computer systems, thereby providing on-going training with the Customer;
  • Analysing the questions and needs of users in order to propose an appropriate plan for training and the development of computer systems, to a Customer;
  • Ensuring the administration of the repairs for the defective hardware to the conditions laid down by the manufacturer for the hardware under warranty and according to estimate for the hardware not under warranty;
  • Advisor the Customer in order to improve the quality of the computer systems to the profit of the Customer and of its business.

In the event of the "Dedicated System Engineer" being unavailable (training, holidays or sick leave), SYSTEMAT makes a replacement available to the Customer.

Corrective maintenance

In the event of a technical failure which makes the computer system unavailable for the Customer's essential activities, he may contact Systemat via ASSIST-Line.

Systemat then carries out diagnostics of the failure and solves the problem remotely, if possible. If not, Systemat programmes intervention on site to resolve the problem encountered. The intervention time is agreed with the Customer on the basis of levels of severity below:

  • Severity 1: Intervention within four working hours. Applies in the event of a hardware or software incident directly affecting more than 30% of the activities of the company as a whole.
  • Severity 2: Intervention on the next working day following the call. Applies in the event of an inhibiting hardware or software incident but which does not directly affect more than 30% of the activities of the company as a whole.
  • Severity 3: Intervention on the day of the next "Dedicated System Engineer's" visit or according to a planning schedule to be defined by joint agreement. Applies in the event of a hardware or software incident which does not directly affect the activities of the company as a whole.


For all other hardware or software incidents which do not affect the activity of the company directly, intervention will be planned for the day of the next "Dedicated System Engineer's" visit or according to a planning schedule to be defined by joint agreement. Apart from making diagnosis, hardware maintenance operations are carried out according to the lead-times and the conditions of the manufacturers' warranties and/or maintenance contracts in force.

Regular assessment of the services provided

SYSTEMAT undertakes to hold regular meetings to assess the services provided and, in particular, by the" Dedicated System Engineer" for the contract. The frequency of these meetings is laid down in the special conditions of the contract and in accordance with the Customer's expectations.

All meetings are held on the Customer's premises on the basis of a detailed agenda submitted to the Customer at least 3 working day before the date agreed by both parties, to review the services provided during the period concerned and to guarantee the quality the level of service. All meetings are followed by written minutes issued no later than 10 working days after the meeting.

Additional services

In addition to the provision of services under the terms of the Global-IT contract, SYSTEMAT may propose a certain number of additional services to improve the operation of the information system. The additional services proposed are as follows:

  • Warranty extension contract for the hardware;
  • Provision of equivalent or better replacement hardware in the event of failure to reduce repair times;
  • Management of the back-up of the Customer's data in his place of work and back-up of such data remotely;
  • Services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the critical components of the Customer's information system: servers, active hardware and telecommunication links;
  • Plan for the complete recovery of the existing infrastructure in the event of disaster or total unavailability;
  • Automatic and contractualised management of the updating of applications (operating systems and software) in the form of a maintenance contract with the publishers of such applications;
  • Study for the optimisation of the peripherals used for the management of documents (printers, copiers, faxes or scanners) and the corresponding contracts on the basis of a cost per page;
  • Plan for the migration of an operating system or application available on a server or on more than two portable or fixed workstations;
  • Etc...

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