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IT security for small business

Digitalization has made archiving data and collaboration within your company a lot easier, but it also causes security risks. If your network is breached a lot of sensitive data can be exposed. 

Especially small businesses have to consider their IT security carefully. Spyware and viruses target any computer indiscriminately; if your network is not protected your data might be lost or even stolen.

Outsourcing IT security

Time is a priceless commodity for any business. Managing your IT assets can be a full-time job, even implementing and updating antispyware and antivirus software will keep you away from your core business. If you want to be certain your data and network are safe, it might be a good idea to consider outsourcing the IT security of your small business to a reliable partner, like Systemat.

Outsourcing IT security offers several advantages. Instead of purchasing a software package you can utilize the Systemat software for a monthly fee. Together with the software we provide complete support: we will install the software, provide technical support and our software is updated on a regular basis to keep up with the latest threats.

Small business backup solutions

Even with the best IT security in the world it is still essential to back up your data. Human error, stolen computers and hardware failure are just a few examples that can cause a loss of data that is hard or sometimes even impossible to recover from without a proper backup.

Systemat offers backup solutions optimized for small businesses. We work in two phases. In the first phase we look at your current backup software and scheduling. In the second phase Systemat will provide you with recommendations to optimize the backup system for optimal data recovery.

In case of data loss we use a virtual server to recover essential documents. We will advise you on the best method based on your company and IT infrastructure.


Active-active data recovery

A virtual server installed in the Systemat Cloud Computing system is synchronised continuously with your production server (installed with you) thanks to the software DoubleTake Availability. In the event of serious problems on the production server, users may switch to the recovery server with Systemat.


Active-passive data recovery

A virtual server installed in the SYSTEMAT Cloud Computing system receives images of back-ups generated automatically and continuously on all servers installed on your premises thanks to the software DoubleTake Backup. In the event of an accident on the production site (on your premises), the last image is available on the depository server for reinstallation on a maintenance server on your premises or in the SYSTEMAT Cloud Computing system.


Count on our expertise

Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to protecting your company’s data. Choose for quality IT security for your small business that minimizes the risks and at the same time saves you time and reduce the stress of doing it yourself.