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As for a car, it is important to have your computer infrastructure undergo a regular health check-up. Such an analysis reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the system, and proposes solutions to overcome them.

Health check-up: a study qualitative of your computer infrastructure

The IT health check-up is the recommended starting point for any small and medium size businesses which wishes to entrust all or part managing its computer infrastructure in Systemat. Systemat carries out a complete survey of the existing infrastructure and service contracts in order to reveal or anticipate any problems associated with its operation. This exploration phase is as exhaustive as possible and is subject to a detailed written report.

An assessment in 5 stages

The aim of the IT health check-up is to assess the current situation in terms of the exploitation of the company's information system and recommend action to improve it. This assessment covers the five following fields:

  1. the quality of the computer infrastructure and the situation in terms of technological choices, both in terms of hardware (network, wiring, fleet of PCs, printers and servers) and in terms of groupware;
  2. the support given to computer users (helpdesk) and the management of changes, configurations and versions, referred to below by the term "Service Support";
  3. the activities concerned with the management of the information system: financial management, project management, management of purchases and suppliers;
  4. the security of the information system intended to guarantee the protection and integrity of data, thanks to the reliability of the electrical power supply, the back-up of data, anti-virus measures and the management of passwords;
  5. the document management through the inspection of documents.

This assessment is carried out by specialists who will present the results to you in person, together with any action to be taken to ensure that the information system is not a "necessary evil" or a source of stress for your employees but a real added value in service of your company.

Analysis of strengths and weaknesses and list of recommendations

The final report includes the following, for each of the 5 fields analysed:

  • a summary of strengths and weaknesses
  • a detailed analysis based on the interviews conducted and the documents supplied
  • pragmatic recommendations


A final summary gives an overview of the current situation in terms of computer operations by means of the following:

  • a general table of strengths and weaknesses
  • a graph of the levels of maturity for the 5 fields of the assessment
  • a proposal for a programme of improvements based on the list of recommendations

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