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Global-IT is a modular contract. You choose the level of services for your needs and you pay a fixed monthly lump sum amount based on your needs and of the number of users in your company. Calculate your savings, etc.

Trouble-free management is:

The Helpdesk. The Global-IT contract offers handling of unlimited telephone calls from users for all matters or problems concerning their computer environment, with the possibility of remote control.

Support for the infrastructure. The Global-IT contract covers the services required to maintain the infrastructure in operation. It provides the following services: monitoring of servers; corrective maintenance with intervention within 4 hours for problems of severity level 1; remote preventive maintenance; monitoring report.

Management on site. This module provides services liable to modify your infrastructure. Contrary to the "support" modules, the purpose of which is to keep it in operation, "Management on site" enables you to entrust its evolution to a specialist. Your "GI" engineer assumes responsibility for the modifications to and installation of hardware or software, according to a predefined planning schedule. He may also assume the role of advisor in your development decisions or trainer for your users.

Other options in the contract.  Different options may complete the provision of services supplied in standard under the terms of your Global-IT contract: anti-virus, filtering of e-mails, extension of the working hours of the helpdesk, replacement hardware, etc.