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ISO Budget Lease

The ISO Budget option is available in all types of lease contracts offered by Syremat. This option enables the lessee to incorporate new investments in computing in his contract, at different "times" during the term of the lease contract without increasing the amount of the lease charge.

ISO Budget Lease in brief

  • Option available for all type of SYSTEMAT lease contracts
  • A fixed budget allowing for new IT investments during the contract
  • The lease charge remains the same; the term of the contract is extended

Example of the application of the ISO Budget clause

Company X makes an IT investment of € 100 000 in January 2010. It opts for a conventional SYSTEMAT lease contract (FMV Lease) and takes out the ISO Budget option.

The monthly lease charge is € 3 027 payable in 36 monthly instalments.

12 months after the start of its lease contract, company X decides to invest a further € 25 000 in IT assets.

  • Thanks to the ISO Budget clause, company X is able to make this investment.
  • The monthly lease charge remains € 3 027.
  • The term of the contract is prolonged by 12 months, namely until 1/01/2014.

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