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Optimization services

User satisfaction inevitably means adopting rules of good IT governance, particularly in a field as critical as the printing of documents, which affects end users directly, in the event of failure or malfunctions.

Dedicated, custom structure

Once reassured that your fleet of printers is appropriate to your printing requirements (printing audit) and that the solution for the procurement of supplies (FlexiPrint) is the right one for you; all that remains to be done is to opt for the printing optimisation services proposed by SYSTEMAT to guarantee an unparalleled level of satisfaction.

The first aspect is, no doubt, that MIMEOS makes available a dedicated team specialised in printing and which is expert in all technical and logistic aspects of the business.

Logistic services

MIMEOS has advanced logistic infrastructures which ensure that the sometimes very short delivery times imposed by our customers are met.
MIMEOS has a central store 7 000m² at Jumet (Charleroi) always made up of computer supplies and technical spares to a value of ± € 1 500 000, thus ensuring optimum delivery for 100% of supplies the most in demand.
If necessary, an item ordered in the morning will still be delivered to the customer the same afternoon. Such speed of processing naturally demands powerful, well-oiled logistics. 

"24h chrono" delivery service

Our standard delivery time is 24 hours (one working day) for all orders received before 18.00.

Example: an order received on Monday afternoon at 16.30 will be delivered to the user on Tuesday.

Our standard deliveries are carriage paid. In other words, they are free of charge.

We can also deliver express within 45 minutes for the Brussels region and 3 hours throughout all Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Finally, our customers may choose to pick up their goods directly from the warehouse or one of our branches.

Guaranteed operation

MIMEOS guarantees the free, immediate replacement of all defective goods, carriage paid. 
If a toner cartridge doesn't print correctly in relation to the number of pages defined, whether in terms of quality or quantity, or it runs out early, we replace it immediately at no charge. If a printer is damaged, our technical dispatching centre immediately schedules the intervention of a SYSTEMAT technician approved by the manufacturers.

In the event of failure or premature wear of a printer due to the use of reconditioned supplies, one of our accredited teams intervenes on site. The printer is repaired within 8 working hours or replaced with an identical or better model.

All interventions are recorded in a report describing all measures taken, such as:

  • The replacement of the defective supply
  • Cleaning and/or replacement of the machine
  • The replacement of any other technical spares enabling the printer to work normally

All services associated with reconditioned products are included in the guarantee.

Service Desk – Dispatching centre

SYSTEMAT's Technical Dispatching centre, which is central in handling problems encountered by customers, manages the following activities:

  • Recording requests from customers
  • Providing the main interface with the customer's departments
  • Organising and coordinating all tasks required for handling the request in full, within the SYSTEMAT group
  • Informing the customer as to action taken following his request

SYSTEMAT's Technical Dispatching centre manages its activities using the Service Desk OmniTracker system (OT). OT is the "Service Desk" tool used by SYSTEMAT for managing the provision of services to its customers.

Requests may be made by telephone, fax or e-mail.
Once recorded in OT by the Dispatching centre, the Field technicians are sent their assignments automatically via their PDA. Once the intervention is complete, it is closed immediately by the technician on his PDA. This information is sent instantaneously to the central data base of OT.
SYSTEMAT's Dispatching centre is based in Lasne. It handles all intervention requests from customers and manages the diaries of dozens of Field technicians and engineers throughout Belgium and Luxembourg. 
The quality of the Dispatching centre is one of the keys to its success:

  • The requests are centralised in Lasne by a department which uses the ITIL Service Desk methodology
  • The requests are then assigned to SYSTEMAT's Field technicians throughout Belgium and Luxembourg

E-Business services

With MIMEOS, orders may be placed:

  • by telephone
  • fax
  • e-mail
  • letter
  • via a electronic ordering system (EDI, HTML, etc.)
  • via the Web site

Thanks to secure access, users are able to consult all the technical characteristics of the products required (photograph of the product, packaging, etc.) on line and place orders directly using this tool.

The site has a powerful, efficient search engine which finds the supplies required easily.

SYSTEMAT's e-Business tool may also be set up according to the Customer's requirements:

Information required when entering orders 
The system provides the possibility of requiring users to complete additional field when placing an order. These fields may concern order references, cost centres, the names of departments or contacts or any information the customer considers to be important.

Budget control when placing orders
The system is used for budget control by imposing limits on orders from different departments and, if necessary, access to a limited catalogue for each user (by product family, budget or both). Orders may also be validated by those responsible named by the customer.

Traceability of orders on site
The user may check the status of his order (encoding, preparation, transmittal slip, bill, etc.) and the availability of items on it, at any time.

The site is used to access information on the position of your account, in real time:

  • Your order history
  • expenditure by User/Department/Company/Product family/etc.
  • the follow-up of orders
  • the delegation of purchasing
  • control of expenditure
  • various reports
  • electronic billing
  • etc.

We accompany customers in the training of potential users in the use of this powerful tool.

Quality of services

In Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, SYSTEMAT is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 since 1997 and ISO 14001 since 2011.

However, obtaining certification cannot be considered as an end in itself. It is more a tool for the continuous improvement of quality and a valuable tool for the analysis and continuous improvement of the provision of services.

SYSTEMAT's greatest source of satisfaction in terms of quality is no doubt its success in having created a "spirit of quality" which now forms an integral part of its corporate culture and motivates each of its employees.

Ecological and environmental criteria

For the SYSTEMAT group, respect for the environment is an essential part of its corporate project. By adopting this approach, SYSTEMAT intends to participate actively and with conviction in protecting the planet thus making a lasting difference to the quality of life. Our Environmental Charter is the opportunity for each employee to change attitudes and no longer see the environment as a constraint, but a fundamental right.

At each decision-making level within the SYSTEMAT group, on general policy, projects, investments and management, respect for the environment and sustained development must be taken into account. The company makes sure that the solutions chosen, purchases made and services provided by its suppliers and partners meets its environmental requirements, under acceptable, economic, political and social conditions. 

On the consumables market, the main area of the fight against the pollution is the recovery of empty toner cartridges and all packaging and/or waste forming part of our deliveries. 

In order to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible, we have set up a detailed procedure:

  • Management of waste by environmental friendly treatment
  • 100% ecological sorting and treatment of spent cartridges
  • Dismantling and recycling of the materials in waste
  • Submittal of a complete materials balance
  • Environmental report showing the traceability of cartridges
  • Total responsibility for collection, shipment and transport
  • Strong commitment to sustained development with ecological solutions
  • The benefits of a global solution with a reliable partner: SYSTEMAT/MIMEOS

SYSTEMAT works in collaboration with REVIALIS. This company is specialised in the treatment pf printer cartridges at the end of their life and, in particular, laser and ink jet print cartridges. 

REVIALIS undertakes to process spent cartridges ecologically; that is, without dumping, without incineration, but by recycling 100% of the spare parts and/or materials issues obtained from processing cartridges.

More info

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