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Printing audit

Provisioning, localisation, performances, levels of security, consumption, number: how can one create a "balanced" printing fleet? By carrying out an audit of printing, completed by an assessment of the requirements expressed by users.

Analysing costs and auditing printing processes

Do you know how much printing costs you every year and its impact on the environment? Are you in "control" of your printing? Do you have the "know-how" or availability to address problem? According to all the specialists on this market, good optimisation of the fleet may save up to 10 to 30% on printing costs and copies (purchase of equipment, consumables, maintenance services, paper, etc.). Several approaches may contribute to a significant reduction in such costs:

  • Rationalisation of the number of different types of printers referenced will enable you to reduce the number of supplies required;
  • The consolidation of print volumes for optimum use of different types of printers in light of printing requirements;
  • Identification and qualification of sources of unnecessary costs;
  • The need of replace some printers, or not, for optimum profitability maximum comfort of use;
  • Optimisation of use and reduction of unavailability limit loss of time both for users and the helpdesk.

Watchdoc software from Doxense

  • Counting
  • Analysis
  • Organisation
  • Security
  • Checks

The advantages of a printing audit

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased performance
  • Easier management and follow-up
  • Satisfaction of users and managers

Quantitative audit

The quantitative audit enables you to identify statistical information for your fleet of printers: 

  • Number of pages printed per printer
  • Frequency of failures
  • Usage rate per printer
  • Times of use  

For this, SYSTEMAT uses the Watchdoc software (Doxense) for the management and optimisation of printing systems.

Qualitative audit & analysis of results

The qualitative audit and analysis of results follow the gathering of objective data. For this, SYSTEMAT's printing specialists visit the site for a series of interviews which:

  • Give a better interpretation of the figures supplied "cold" by Watchdoc
  • Take the specificities of a given department in account
  • Identify approaches be taken in consideration for optimisation of the fleet

Furthermore, visiting the site enable SYSTEMAT to:  

  • Identify the "physical" location of each machine in each building/department
  • Based on this, better organise pooling and consolidate the volumes of printing if necessary
  • Identify certain printers not to be moved/removed because they perform specific tasks

Do more than reduce costs

"Whilst very often it depends on the will to reduce costs, the audit must not be limited to that", states David Bierlaire, Systemat Sales Team Leader. Printers, copiers and faxes are essential aspects in the daily lives of company employees. A real printing culture based on habit and requirements, which we have to analyse in detail, etc. The purpose of the audit is certainly to make savings but it must be combined with a better service for users and improved comfort".

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