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Printing & Supplies

According to IDC, 25% of calls to the helpdesk concern problems of printing. The "paperless office" does not exist but, more than ever, the optimisation of printing costs is relevant, etc.

Rationalising your printing costs

Printing has clearly been the poor man of computer managements faced with other urgent situations. Nevertheless, costs may quickly explode. Some orders of magnitude leave one breathless: up to 5% of corporate turnover!

A budget which can be cut by up to one third, by rationalising your fleet of printers and through better control of your printing work.

Audit Printing

Provisioning, localisation, performances, levels of security, consumption, number: how can one create a "balanced" printing fleet? By carrying out an audit of the existing fleet, completed by an assessment of the perceptions and needs of users.

MFP - multifunction systems

The potential of multifunction systems (MFP) is still under-exploited. How best to use these "hyper-sophisticated" all-in-one systems, which now give access to a real range of applications for the management of fleets, flows, document management and management of printing?

FlexiPrint puts your printing costs under pressure

Are you interested in a solution of the  "overall cost " per page type? Are you wary of long term commitments which may be costly in the event of breach of contract? MIMEOS has the answer to your needs with the FlexiPrint solution. 

On the basis of an estimate of your printing volume, we perform a simulation using the supplies most appropriate to your needs and propose a very competitive cost per page solution for each type of printer.

Services printing

SYSTEMAT offers its customers a range of high added value services in addition to the supply of solutions of printing.

  • Printing Monitoring & Optimisation
  • Preventive maintenance services
  • Deployment of fleets of printers
  • Supply of consumables for printing systems
  • Recycling services

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