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Unified Communications Solutions

Whereas everything kept them apart before; today, communication services use one and only one channel: computing ...

Federating for greater efficiency

Unified Communications Solutions are used to federate the means of communication between your employees (telephone, videoconference, etc.); collaborative working tools (instant messaging, document sharing software, etc.) and the IT environment (Office, e-mail, etc.) via an intuitive interface. All services which were previously compartmentalised and communicated badly, now form part of the world of IT: voice, data, text, images, etc. are all converted into packets of data and pass through your network.

You therefore need:

An efficient network plan

This is the vascular system of your organization: it feeds and distributes information to your employees, which is why investing in the design of an intelligent network is essential.

An application plan

Drawing cables or setting up a wireless network is only the first step. The optimisation of your network requires powerful applications. A simple interface designed to unify your communication systems enables you indeed to increase the efficiency of your employees considerably. For example: transporting voice over your Ethernet network (VoIP – Voice Over IP) provides for substantial reductions in the cost and deployment of new services, such as a switching calls automatically to mobile telephones or routing voice messages to the computer of the employee called.

The advantages of Unified Communications

  • More efficient productivity
    Initiating communications via a PC, consulting or sending faxes from a computer, organising remote meetings, checking for the presence of employees without having to move, etc. are just some concrete examples of a more efficient way of organising your activities.
  • Quick return on investment
    Whereas it used to require a wide range of skills to set up your services (telephony, office computing, servers, etc.), only a single profession is now required to provide such services. Example: SYSTEMAT is the partner of the best specialists in the field of telephone exchanges, such as Cisco or Avaya.
  • Real flexibility of technological choices
    One is never better served than by others. Indeed, your organization does not have to use its own computer resources for the development of its communication services. SYSTEMAT makes its cloud software and large numbers of dedicated or shared servers in its data center, available to you.
  • Detailed reporting
    Efficient financial and technological management starts with the right information. The presence of your communication services on the IT network enables you to generate detailed reports on the activities of your different units. You can therefore optimise your infrastructure and make the necessary corrections for better operation and optimum profitability.

The advantages of Systemat

  • SYSTEMAT is available: from initial discussions to commissioning, Systemat works alongside you at to all stages in the deployment of your communication services, whatever the size of your organization.
  • SYSTEMAT, your advice free and independent: because Systemat does not manufacture its own computers, it can choose with you the best of the technology with different manufacturers. Systemat uses recognised specialists in the world of corporate communications: Cisco and Avaya.
  • SYSTEMAT, essential experience: 30 years of both technical and logistical experience are put at your disposal for deployment perfectly adapted to your needs, even if your organization is spread over several sites or several countries.

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