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Your sensitive information - completely protected

How do you keep your confidential information from falling into the wrong hands - without your knowledge?

How do you make sure secret content stays secret when you're sharing it with authorized third parties? 


What's SeeZam?

  • How do you send your clients confidential information with maximum security at minimum cost?
  • Did you know that 70% of information leaks in a company come from within?
  • Did you know the average cost of an information leak in a medium-sized company is €1.5 million (Ponemon Institute, 2010)?

The solution is an electronic safe, providing a virtual storage space that is secured and known to be inviolable, and the sensitive information that has been deposited there is restored to you intact.  Systemat presents the professional solution SeeZam, an innovative online service: the virtual safe. A first in its field, this service for businesses and organizations meets the growing security requirements for preserving and sharing secret content.

SeeZam Pro's features

A personal, private virtual safe

An inviolable private space for the deposit, protection and secure sharing of any type of electronic format for a company, internally or externally.  You are guaranteed total availability and completeness - your most secret deposits are returned to you without alteration.


Maximum security and inviolability

Developed by data security experts and hosted exclusively in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, SeeZam guarantees that the contents of your virtual safe are totally protected, thanks to the following:

  • Strong authentication (Entrust or Luxtrust), going far beyond a simple password
  • Military-level encryption of your data - you can be the only one who knows the access keys
  • Like a bank safe, SeeZam and Systemat have no knowledge of what you are depositing in your safe, nor even what the keys to access it are. This gives you the assurance that no third parties will be able to decipher your information without your knowledge.
  • Security and vulnerability testing is performed regularly by independent auditors.


Highly confidential exchange

With SeeZam, you can share any documents that are in your safe with one or more other SeeZam safe holders defined by you and authorized for the time period you request.


That's custom service!

The SeeZam virtual safe can be totally customized according to your organization's needs (partial or full operation, custom branding, integration into your company portal's client space)


Automation of safe deposits

Do you want to deposit confidential information into a large number of safes? Our automaton simplifies the task of distributing information while guaranteeing the strictest confidentiality with data encryption from your operating site.


Emergency opening procedure

The principle of an emergency opening is provided in support of your DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) and BCP (Business Continuity Plan).

Infinite possible uses in your organization

  • Businesses: Share confidential documents between businesses and their suppliers, clients or employees
  • Boards of Directors: Share meeting minutes or highly confidential information among board members
  • Insurance: Provide your policyholders with safes to store policy information, preventive inventories of property, documents in case of loss, etc.
  • Banks: Account statements, tax return documents, etc.
  • Health Care: Go paperless and provide your patients with medical reports at lower cost.
  • Finance: Store the documents required for internal/external audit.
  • HR: Go paperless and provide employee pay slips and evaluations, with guaranteed ROI and employee service that stands out.
  • R&D: Protect top-secret formulas for new products, patents and intellectual property.

A unique solution!

  • First in its field
  • Developed by security experts, with the benefit of the Systemat Group's entire infrastructure
  • 100% security and confidentiality of Luxembourg's legal framework and hosting
  • User-friendly interface that also factors in the end user's requirements
  • Options for highly secure, automatic and reliable sharing
  • Integration and customization according to your business needs

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