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Software is the brains of your network. Its use is strictly controlled by the publishers. It is therefore quickly essential for a company to seek the help of a specialised advisor.

Licensing team

Thanks to our close collaboration with software publishers and our knowledge of their specific licensing rules, we can help you to assess your needs in terms of licenses and advise you as to the management of your portfolio of licenses. 


Our "licensing team" is therefore able to determine the number of licenses required in each case and the best solution for you, with regards to the different regulations in force.


Our knowledge of the different licensing solutions is checked by the software publishers themselves (Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Symantec, etc.) and is guaranteed by the accreditation they issue to us from time to time.

The importance of legal software

Apart from the risk of severe fines for the illegal use of software, it is in the interest of small and medium size businesses to entrust the management of their licenses to professionals:

  • To have the benefit of the best purchase prices;
  • To have a accurate and reliable inventory;
  • To be sure of being in order in the event of a check by the BSA;
  • And, on the other hand, to avoid paying rights on software no longer used in the company;
  • To be able to have the benefit of updates and other advantages;
  • To be able to opt for a rental solution, if necessary;
  • Etc...

Software Asset Management

The choice of the right partner is essential when considering a Software Asset Management strategy. SYSTEMAT has adopted a partnership approach in which the renewed confidence of our customers is our best reward.


We make SAM a profitable and efficient tool in service of your company!

  • Extensive expertise in the field of licensing
  • Accredited experts at your service
  • Review of the most appropriate solutions
  • Independence in relation to publishers
  • Tailor-made management of licenses

More info

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