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SLA & Quality Management

The efforts made by Systemat for many years with respect to ISO standards (9001 and 20000) guarantee the methodology and control of the management of the services. 

A measurable commitment to quality

SYSTEMAT's Managed Services are based on measurable performance indicators (KPI), which are analysed and checked on a regular basis according to the principles of ITIL and IT Service Management ISO 20000.

  • Pick up time
  • Handling time
  • Intervention time
  • Resolution time

Planning and setting up the management of services

The organisation and control of SYSTEMAT's Managed Services are based on the Deming's circle principles of plan-do-check-action (PDCA):

  • Plan: Planning the management of services
  • Do: Managing services
  • Check: Supervision, measurement and review
  • Act: Continuous improvement of the process

"A la carte" Service Level Agreement

With SYSTEMAT, contractual commitments are checked on 3 levels:

  • Respect for the measurable aspects of the provision of services (KPI)
  • Respect for the commitments set out in the service contract
  • Regular measurement of the level of customer satisfaction

Any penalties provided for under the terms of the SLA are defined by joint agreement, depending on the requirements of each customer and always in proportion to the value of the service provided.

Is the SLA therefore not sufficient?

"The concept of incentive in the event of exceeding the level of service gives the yet another chance, considers Charles Michiels, Services Quality Manager with SYSTEMAT. Because an agreement which only provides for penalties is often unbalanced in favour of the customer. But let us not kid ourselves, a service provider will always seeks to cover his risk, which results in higher costs; an insurance premium if you like. In our negotiations, we try to change the notion of penalty into the possibility of renouncing or changing the terms of the contract. Because the causes of "failing" to achieved the objectives set may be many, simultaneous and of various, origins often independent of the will of the parties, we consider this system to be more honest, more flexible and less restrictive for both parties".

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