Solutions for

IT maintenance services

You want cover in the event of the unavailability of your IT infrastructure. We propose several contracts that will enable you to avoid the risks of computer failures and which are ideal complements to the manufacturers' warranties!

Human and technical resources at your disposal

  • Availability up to 7 days a week
  • Response time: 8h/4h
  • Large stock of spare parts
  • Different contract packages appropriate to your needs (Extendedpack, HardPack, ChangePack)


In order to provide all these services, SYSTEMAT has a large team of experienced, high level technicians and engineers with a perfect knowledge of the equipment sold generally.

An organisation which satisfies strict quality criteria

The organisation responsible for maintenance for the SYSTEMAT group is based on two things: the laboratory infrastructure and staff "field".

The laboratories, which are part of the Technical Integration Centre (TIC) in Charleroi, occupy some 800 m². The methods employed guarantee error-free interventions thanks to procedures which comply with standard ISO 9001. A quality control check is carried out by a specialised team, after each repair.

The "field" crews are based in the different regional offices (at Lasne, Antwerp, Charleroi, Liège and Luxembourg).

Some advantages for customers

  • Some advantages for customers
  • Guaranteed response time
  • Resolution time (ChangePack)
  • Higher level of service
  • Speed of execution
  • Incomparable reliability
  • Tailor-made skills
  • Optimum operation
  • Extended risk cover

A simple procedure in the event of problems

In the event of a technical problem covered by a Systemat maintenance contract, just call our Dispatching centre which is responsible for all calls and resolving them or transferring them upwards.

  • Handling calls (telephone, e-mail, alert message, etc.)
  • Encoding of incidents
  • Acknowledgement e-mail sent automatically
  • Transferring the incident in accordance with the procedures
  • Closing the case with confirmation and description of the solution
  • Transparency of the progress in handling the case thanks to the consultation on line

More info

Would you like more information? Please call us on +32 2 352 83 11 or send a request to We will arrange a meeting with a specialist on your premises or ours.