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FlexiPrint by Systemat

Are you interested in a solution of the "overall cost" per page type? Are you wary of long term commitments which may be costly in the event of breach of contract? MIMEOS has the answer to your needs with the FlexiPrint solution.

FlexiPrint puts your printing costs under pressure

On the basis of an estimate of your printing volume, we perform a simulation using the supplies most appropriate to your needs and propose a very competitive cost per page solution for each type of printer.


The FlexiPrint solution provides for the following:

  • A frequency of delivery to meet your needs
  • Fixed monthly billing for 12 months
  • Annual adjustment on the basis of real consumption


Therefore, you retain the control necessary for the proactive management of your printing fleet, at all times. Only FlexiPrint gives you this level of flexibility.

FlexiPrint eliminates the administrative costs incurred for the management of supplies. Printing is therefore cheaper. Furthermore, the purchase prices of your supplies are guaranteed throughout the term of the contract.

Many companies are unhappy with the way their printing environment functions

  • Unpredictable costs: maintaining a printer fleet can hold a lot of costly surprises. A technical disturbance that needs fixing, the sudden need to buy new hardware … occurrences like these can turn a carefully planned budget upside down.
  • Staff frustration: paper jams, supplies shortages, badly printed documents etc. can drive users into desperation and will lead to a loss of productivity.
  • Burden on IT department: highly qualified IT personnel certainly can be put to better use than replacing cartridges or solving printer failures!
  • Environmental problems: more and more companies are becoming conscious about their environmental footprint. Because of high energy use (CO2 output) and the production of waste (such as used cartridges), the ecological balance of printing is usually far from satisfactory.

Finally: printing as it was meant to be!

FlexiPrint is...



In these times, customers are frantically looking for ways to cut costs and reduce their TCO. So it’s important to stress that FlexiPrint is an investment that immediately repays itself. Administrative overhead costs are instantly reduced to zero, printing volume decreases, users become more productive, IT staff can devote all their time to value-adding activities. But there’s more …



FlexiPrint effectively deals with all the frustrations that seemed to be unavoidable by-products of every printing environment. By consolidating the printflow, FlexiPrint gives users a streamlined, intuitive printing experience. Not in the least because …



Thanks to remote monitoring of the printer fleet, the automatic updating of all software and drivers, and the round-the-clock availability of Systemat’s experienced crew, customers can feel confident about the continuity of their printing environment. But that’s not the only reason you can sleep soundly



More and more companies and public organisations are taking their environmental responsibility seriously. Not in least the because their customers have come to expect it. FlexiPrint offers a way to reduce the carbon footprint
of a printer fleet, and to recycle waste for the full 100%!

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