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Global Rent

Global Rent Agreement is a ex post facto lease contract; that is it starts on completion of the deliveries, which enables the lessee to stagger the deliveries and the deployment of products and services, whilst limiting the number of finance contracts.

Global Rent Agreement in brief

The Global Rent Agreement provides for the following:

  • Each quarter (or half year), the lessee places his order with the supplier(s)
  • The lessee informs his suppliers that bills should be sent to SYSTEMAT
  • Bills approved by the lessee are paid by SYSTEMAT and charged to a suspense account
  • At the end of each quarter (or half year), the suspense account is closed
  • The lease coefficients are fixed ex ante (before investment)
  • The lease charges are determined on the basis of the amount in the suspense account on closing, the type of equipment (hardware, software, services), the duration and corresponding lease coefficient
  • The lease contracts are signed a posteriori (on closing)

3 options on completion of the contract

  • Returning the equipment to the Lessor
  • Continuing the lease in return for a reduced lease charge
  • Acquisition of the equipment at its market value (FMV)

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