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Networking & Security Solutions

No highway in the world is as important as what passes through your walls and ceilings: your computer network. Whether it is a wire or wireless network, it carries the life of your company.

What are Networking & Security solutions?

Networking and security solutions consists of your entire data transport infrastructure; whether voice by telephone or voice mailbox, data between you and your PC, your printer, your server, Internet or even the security of your buildings, with images from your surveillance cameras or the alarms on your doors and windows, the network is the vascular system of your company. It feeds each machine, from the most sophisticated to the simplest. It therefore warrants all your attention.

A network, what technology?

The network may be of 2 types: wire (Ethernet) or wireless (WIFI). Today, most companies opt for a combination of both technologies, each of which offers different possibilities.

Ethernet wire technology provides:

  • The throughput required (gigabit on all ports) for transferring large volumes of data (multimedia);
  • Security thanks to the redundancy of the means of access to information (in the event of failure the network may route information to avoid obstacles and reach its destination;
  • Economies of scale by using the same cable to carry data and electricity (Power over Ethernet). Such security also provides protection against power failures if the network switches of your data center are protected by a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).
  • Greener computing, since it allows quite simply to turn off each machine connected when the company no longer needs it, at night or week-ends, for example.

WIFI wireless technology provides:

  • Throughput which is close to the performance of conventional wire networks;
  • Comfort and flexibility for mobile users who can log on anywhere, any time;
  • Unparalleled speed of deployment at an extremely affordable cost. You no longer have to open up walls or floors: an access terminal is enough and other relay terminals may be used to extend your network to where you need it. Talk about flexibility!

Network and security, Systemat makes the difference

Systemat incorporates the concept of extended networks in all its global analyses, since your network does not stop at your door. When designing an intelligent network, security is omnipresent.  Our engineers lay down safety rules specific to each machine and each switch is capable of authorising or refusing a machine access to your network.

The advantages of Systemat

  • Systemat is available: from initial discussion to commissioning, Systemat works alongside you throughout the deployment of your wire or wireless network, whatever the size of your company.
  • Systemat, your advice free and independent: because Systemat does not manufacture its own computers, it can choose with you the best of the technology with different manufacturers. Systemat uses the best of the market of the technology network: HP and Cisco.
  • Systemat, essential experience: 30 years of both technical and logistical experience are put at your disposal for a deployment perfectly coordinated, even if your company is spread over several sites or several countries.

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