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Endpoint solutions

Bits, cables, keyboards and mice, etc. If computing were merely hardware, a computer would suffice to manage it all. Behind the hardware and software, there are men and women who use these tools for work and their everyday lives.

Behind the hardware and software, there are men and women who use these tool for work and their everyday lives; that is why SYSTEMAT develops expertise  such as Endpoint: so that each user can express himself to the full with what today's technology does best.

Today's challenges

  • The mobility of your employees
  • The ecological footprint left by your company
  • The possibility of working anywhere, any time
  • The importance of optimum security in the light of new threats
  • Multi-platform technologies where no one player dominates anymore

The solutions of the future

For all these reasons, Systemat has developed avant-garde solutions: 

VDI: the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution

Using the very latest technology, they provide for the centralised management of work stations whilst giving the end user the simplicity of a desktop. VDI solutions also ensure unheard of ease of deployment, centralised maintenance, real savings and high level availability of your infrastructure. 

Application Delivery: upgrading of computer equipment made easy

Installing new software is a critical task performed by your computer department. Today, the possibility of using cloud software is one of the most efficient means of optimising the installation of new resources.
Find out more about the delivery of applications within your company. 

Desktop as a Service: controlled migration to a new environment

Altering the structure of a house is difficult; the same is true for migrating your IT infrastructure to a new OS. However, making this step brings many benefits: better security, lasting savings, greener technology and a unique opportunity for reviewing your needs and your future.


Mobile Device Management: a robust solution for the management and security of mobile devices

Mobile devices have invaded our daily lives and there‚Äôs no use fighting against this trend. On the contrary, companies need to find ways of offering their staff maximum flexibility in terms of access to data, while at the same time preserving its integrity.

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