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Specialists up to your expectations

Exploit the expertise of Systemat Business Services both for redefining your technological infrastructure and supporting you in your rollout projects requiring a logistic infrastructure and the latest techniques.

Accredited experts

SYSTEMAT brings you the talent, experience and motivation of experts certified in their field to support you. Above all, they are concerned with finding solutions to enable you to achieve your objectives in terms of advice, productivity and meeting budgets. From a cost centre, your IT infrastructure becomes a carefully though out, strategic tool.

The continuity of your activities is our priority

Information is only useful if you have access to it at all times. SYSTEMAT provides a certain number of resources enabling you to store and retain your data efficiently and securely. Thanks to the documented emergency scenarios we draw up for your platform, your company is not paralysed if your computer system fails. We mobilise our best personnel, best hardware and best software to restore your data. We also provide, if necessary, the work space required to enable you to continue your activities under optimum conditions.

Proven quality

In our advanced laboratories at Jumet, SYSTEMAT submits computer hardware the most rigorous testing. Your employees' work tool is therefore first analysed, configured and integrated in the slightest details. These infrastructures are also used as logistic centres for the preparation and coordination of major projects, such as private PC Plans or extensive deployment projects.

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Would you like more information? Please call us on +32 2 352 83 11 or send a request to We will arrange a meeting with a specialist on your premises or ours.