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In the face of rapid, complex technological evolutions, innovative companies need to use IT tools that are in line with their ambitions and which will contribute to their business success.

Paradise IT

Systemat’s “raison d'être”

Systemat is the priority IT partner for Belgian and Luxembourg businesses. 

As a provider of general IT services, Systemat has given itself the task of liberating its customers from constraints due to the choice and management of the hardware, software and tools that go to make up the information system.
Our main objective is to deliver the quality that satisfies our clients.

To do this:

  • We create a climate of respect and fairness;
  • We seek out long-lasting solutions;
  • We ask everyone to be responsible and committed, and we promote innovation;
  • We recognise and encourage a sense of belonging among our staff.


In order to sustain the life of our company to the entire satisfaction of all our partners.

The "Paradise IT" concept

IT is at the heart of your concerns. We understand that, and we have helped firms meet their technological challenges for more than 30 years. We understand the need to simplify your IT infrastructure. We understand that this simplification must not under any circumstances be done to the detriment of cost control and the operational functions that you assign to your infrastructure.


With Paradise IT, Systemat offers to manage all aspects of your IT infrastructure, relieving you of stress, by installing and maintaining a flexible, dynamic system that can be adapted and tailormade to your needs.


We are committed to transforming your IT experience into a veritable paradise, enabling you to integrate your business and technological priorities into your company's activities.

Benefits for you

Simplifying your IT infrastructure

If you entrust Systemat with the management of your IT infrastructure, you can devote more time and resources to innovation. In addition, moving to the Cloud gives you easier access to the technological tools that can help your business perform better.


Cost cutting and control

Systemat offers you a flat monthly fee per user: this helps control your costs and does not change, regardless of the events that affect your infrastructure.


Help in managing your infrastructure

IT is our passion, we are ready to intervene at any time to help and advise you. Thanks to Systemat, you can free yourself from the stress related to the management of IT problems.


The expertise of an IT actor for more than 30 years

Systemat can advise you about how to change your IT infrastructure, so that it better serves your business objectives.


A customer promise that is unmatched in the IT world

We are the first company to offer such a complete range of services, including full management of your IT infrastructure, at such a competitive price.

More info

Would you like more information? Please call us on +32 2 352 83 11 or send a request to We will arrange a meeting with a specialist on your premises or ours.