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Systemat Renting Management

Syremat has developed specific expertise in the field of finance and acts efficiently on behalf of customers looking to increase, make more dynamic, upgrade or migrate their equipment.

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Advantages of the leaseback with Syremat

  • Easy access to new technologies and eliminate the risk of obsolescence
  • Maintain the availability of capital (particularly for long term investments in your core business)
  • Finance the new or second-hand hardware
  • Optimise your cash flow: the cost is broken down over the time the equipment is used
  • Increase the productivity of your equipment
  • Keep the budget under control in the long term
  • Preserve your reimbursement capacity: your lease charges are entered as operating expenses and the lease is not added to the liabilities on your balance sheet
  • Simplify the management of your fleet
  • Eliminate the management of fixed assets
  • Control the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the fleet in the long term

Are you buying? Well why not rent now?

Technological renewal cycles are short, cash-flow is strategic to growth, budget and accounting contexts are difficult, the management of computer equipment and purchases are highly complex, etc. here are a few aspects, which when faced with the essential flexibility of company management, explain the increasing need to lease.

After all, what is the difference...

"After all, what is the difference between a car and a PC? Both are non-specific items of equipment. Their cost of upkeep depends more on the operating budget than the investment budget, in that they quickly become obsolescent and the notion of ownership at the end of period of finance is of little interest. Like your company vehicles, you can lease your computers and have the same benefits in terms of support and insurance. And whilst the advantages are similar in financial and fiscal terms, you can obtain special benefits by leasing from SYREMAT" (Jean-Pierre Butaye, General Manager Syremat sa).

Different types of contracts

FMV Lease

A standard lease contract for a term normally that of the economic lifetime of the products financed. The lease charge is fixed and firm. This contract includes an "omnium informatique" insurance policy.


Global Rent Agreement

An ex post facto contract, that is it starts when deliveries are complete, which enables deliveries to be staggered and the products and services deployed, whilst limiting the number of finance contracts. We therefore proceed in phases, each of which has a lease and/or a specific period for each type of hardware. This facilitates the management accounting (ex: by cost centre) of your computer resources.


Sales & Rent Back

A lease contract preceded by the buy-back of all or part of your computer assets. In this way you free up liquidity and finance the acquisition of new products and services with the same contract.


ISO Budget Lease

A flexible contract which enables the lessee to modify the hardware at his disposal during the lease; this may be carried out at certain key dates, whilst maintaining the lease charge more or less constant and by extending the contract for a period equivalent to the initial term.

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