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Systemat Expert secondment services provide an ideal, "flexible" solution for companies looking to retain maximum control of their IT projects with the benefit of external assistance and expertise.

Systemat Expert, your specialist in IT workforce outsourcing services

The skills of Systemat Expert cover your different IT projects on site, such as the helpdesk, user support, system installation/administration, security, software development and project management. 

Systemat Expert IT workforce outsourcing services give you the possibility of obtaining new computer know-how in the very short term, without having to alter the structure of your team. You call on the multidisciplinary resources and experience of a partner which has been part of a group that has been in operation for more than twenty five years.

When should you opt for IT workforce outsourcing services?

Are you confronted with one of the situations described below? In this case, call on Systemat Expert secondment services:

  • You need temporary or long term reinforcement of your staff in a specific IT field but would like to retain control of your project.
  • You need IT resources quickly: avoid long, drawn out, expensive selection procedures.
  • You would like a stable team for a fixed budget including replacement in the event of absence (holidays, training, illness, etc.).
  • If the possibilities of internal extension of some IT work stations are limited, facilities management services enable you to avoid the risk of demoralising internal staff in the short term.
  • Where the recruitment of permanent staff is stopped: the provision of temporary services by external employees is an interesting alternative.
  • You are looking to limit your partnership liabilities.
  • You are looking for maximum flexibility in terms of lead-times and the possibility of giving notice.
  • Limited budget: the prices proposed by Systemat Expert match your budget.

Testimonial from an Expert

Alain Zegers, account manager with Systemat Expert: "Since the world of IT is highly diversified, so are our profiles. With Systemat Expert, we have a great many resources, such as system architects, developers, designers, project managers and staff on the helpdesk. They may be freelancers, sub-contractors or even employees of Systemat Expert."


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