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Systemat operates at every level of the value chain, from the selection of products up to their support as well as the steps of preparation, integration and roll-out.

Details about companies and subsidiaries

The Systemat Group is structured around Business Units managed by BU directors who report to the ExCom.


There are seven business units:


Sourcing Center

IT infrastructure equipment and services for major private companies and the public sector in Belgium.

BU Director: Stéphane Coteur


Digital Hub

IT management outsourcing contracts for SMEs in Belgium.

BU Director: Wilfried Landsheer.


Systemat Luxembourg

Complete coverage of the Luxembourg (and Grande Region) market for three segments: large private companies, SMEs and public organizations.

BU Director: Roger Wagner.



A printing solutions specialist in Belgium and Luxembourg.

BU Director: Guy Van Caenegem.


Systemat Expert

Medium- and long-term delegation of specialist IT staff in Belgium.

BU Director: Vincent Schaller.



IT equipment financing (operations leasing) in Belgium and Luxembourg.

BU Director: Jean-Pierre Butaye.




A wide range of activities

Systemat has a technical centre located in Charleroi where the hardware services of preparation, integration, roll-out and maintenance take place.

In order to guarantee optimal efficiency, the support services, according to the client’s preference, can be done on site or remotely. To do so, Systemat has a helpdesk centre located in Lasne, which permanently handles IT support for all its clients: Large Companies, Public Sector, SMB's.

Systemat is a major player in the field of high availability and security: it provides a wide range of external storage and back-up solutions of data, accompanied by recovery procedures and business continuity plans.

Systemat also offers its management services remotely, so it can ensure an optimal operation of its client’s infrastructures and networks. 

Its offer for midmarket and SMBs also includes the Global-IT contract which allows clients to have complete and modular management of their IT infrastructure, for a fixed monthly rent.

Systemat also commercialises its Cloud services allowing its clients to completely outsource the management of their IT infrastructure.

Main companies


Systemat Belgium S.A.

Systemat Belgium is today one of the leading computer services providers. Systemat Belgium has asserted itself as an independent intermediary offering high added-value services to organizations. 
This success stems from a resolute strategy of growth, modelled on the changing needs of its customers. Since its foundation, Systemat has pursued one single objective: to free its customers from the constraints of managing the computer aspects of their business in order to allow them to concentrate on their firm’s core business.


Head office

Chaussée de Louvain 431E
B-1380 Lasne 
VAT BE 0832.247.429
RPM/RPR: Nivelles/Nijvel


Systemat Luxembourg PSF S.A.

As an IT services provider, Systemat Luxembourg PSF concentrates mainly on IT infrastructure, open operating systems (MS Windows, Unix, Linux) and data storage systems. Systemat Luxembourg PSF ensures all the steps of the solutions: advice, design, financing, implementation, support, helpdesk, maintenance, management and outsourcing of these solutions.


Head office

Parc d'Activités Capellen 77-79
L-8308 Capellen
VAT LU 20.793.127


Systemat France S.A.S.


Head office

3, Place Edouard Branly
F-57070 Metz
VAT FR 42 808572804
SIRET: 808 572 804 00017


Syremat S.A.

Syremat specialises in long-term leasing of computer hardware. It provides its customers with leasing solutions that offer financial and accounting optimisation as well as scalable management of the installed computer base.


Head office

Chaussée de Louvain 431E
B-1380 Lasne 
VAT BE 0461.260.338
RPM/RPR: Nivelles/Nijvel


Systemat Expert S.A.

The Systemat Expert field of activity is centred on providing IT specialists comprising divergent profiles for technical support, installation and/or software development projects. Systemat Expert assures an adequate pre-selection of suitable candidates.


Head office

Chaussée de Louvain 431E
B-1380 Lasne 
VAT BE 0476.907.923
RPM/RPR: Nivelles/Nijvel


Mimeos S.A.

Mimeos is a Systemat Belux subsidiary specialized in the global management of printing systems: printers, supplies and maintenance services.


Head office

Chaussée de Louvain 431E
B-1380 Lasne 
VAT BE 0891.633.797
RPM/RPR: Nivelles/Nijvel